Have you had a chance to check out Realeflow’s brand new state-of-the-art Comping Engine yet?

If not, you’re going to want to take a few minutes to log into Realeflow and get your hands on it.

We recognized that our old Comping Engine had some flaws, so we worked really hard to make it a tool that’s easy to use, accurate, and vital to the success of your growing business.

One of the biggest changes we made to it is the data.

Realeflow has ditched Zillow so your comps are no longer limited by the listings that Zillow provides.

Comps are now run using MLS listing data, including Active, Pending, and recently Sold listings, providing more robust and accurate comparable searches.

Realeflow has also included additional search criteria to significantly increase the accuracy of your searches and comparable properties.

The interactive map provides a close up look at comparable and subject properties so you know you’re always choosing the best comps for every deal.

Realeflow automatically delivers the average price of all the properties you select for your comp report, along with an enhanced report with all the critical information you need to know about the subject and comparable properties.
See how it works in a quick video that we made for you here



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