June 14, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Starting and Growing a Real Estate Business During a Recession

Starting and Growing a Real Estate Business During a Recession

Interview Subject Contact Info:

Auben Realty
Phone: (803) 935-9016

Tyson Schuetze, Founder

Chris DeTreville, Real Estate Agent & Realtor

Mike Jones, Investor Account Manager
Email: mjones@aubenrealty.com

Janie Peel, Director of Sales & Commercial Leasing
Contact Janie for New Career Opportunities & Adventures with Auben Realty
Email: jpeel@aubenrealty.com

Recording Time Stamps of Meeting Sections:
–                  5 minutes, 24 seconds: Pre-Meeting Session on Affordable Legal and ID Theft Protection with LegalShield Services by Sarah Mitchell, Regional Director (Bankruptcy Case Study)
–               39 minutes, 49 seconds: Midlands REIA Introduction & Announcements
– 1 hour, 0 minutes, 27 seconds: Starting and Growing a Real Estate Business During a Recession by Auben Realty


Founder of Auben Realty and former manager for a large hedge fund, Conrex, that buys rental properties in our markets in the South Carolina Midlands, Tyson Schuetze, tells us how he started and grew his real estate investing company and real estate brokerage during perhaps the worst real estate markets in US history, the Great Recession of 2007. Tyson and his team tell us how they started with just one location in Augusta, Georgia and then expanded with offices in Tennessee and South Carolina.

The first 30 minutes of this meeting feature the LegalShield Regional Director, Sarah Mitchell, on how to obtain affordable legal counsel as well as identity-theft protection along with a real-life case study on using LegalShield attorneys to make a large profit in a bankruptcy case. After that, we hear from the Auben Realty folks their strategies for continuous and safe company growth in uncertain markets.


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