December 14, 2020 Monthly Meeting – Year-End Tax Planning by Jeff Harmon

Year-End Tax Planning

Interview Subject Contact Info:

Jeff Harmon
Phone: 803-727-0400

Recording Time Stamps of Meeting Sections:

– 5 minutes, 26 seconds: Pre-Meeting Session on Affordable Legal and ID Theft Protection with LegalShield Services by Sarah Mitchell, Regional Manager

– 33 minutes, 6 seconds: Midlands REIA Introduction & Announcements

– 50 minutes, 28 seconds: Year-End Tax Planning


Jeff is a professional business and tax strategist who has helped hundreds of people over the last 17 years save money on their taxes as well as help them improve their business operations. During this meeting, he gives us year-end tax tips with a live Question and Answer session afterwards. Jeff’s tax-saving tips are something we can use immediately in our personal lives and businesses but we need to take action on them by December 31 in order to be able to benefit from them.


How to get legal help and identity theft protection at an affordable monthly fee

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