April 12, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Small Retirement Accounts, Huge Profits with American IRA

Small Retirement Accounts, Huge Profits – Deal Structuring Ideas

Speaker Contact Info:

Sean McKay, American IRA
Email: sean@americanira.com
Phone: 828-257-4949


Contact Sean about setting up your own self-directed tax-exempt accounts (mention Midlands REIA to have your account setup fees waived)

Recording Time Stamps of Meeting Sections:

– 2 minutes, 8 seconds: Pre-Meeting Session on Affordable Legal and ID Theft Protection with LegalShield Services by Sarah Mitchell, Regional Director (a few landlording “lessons-learned” and tips with the guidance of LegalShield attorneys are included in the introduction to this session)

– 34 minutes, 5 seconds: Midlands REIA Introduction & Announcements

– 53 minutes, 20 seconds: Small Retirement Accounts, Huge Profits by Sean McKay of American IRA



This meeting features an expert on tax-free and tax-deferred investing, Sean McKay of American IRA. Sean has been a real estate investor for over 15 years and is also Vice-President of American IRA.

Sean gives us different ways to structure our deals that are especially well-suited for using tax-exempt funds. This meeting is for those of us who want to learn how to not only use tax-exempt funds to fund our own deals but also how to rapidly grow our own retirement and tax-exempt savings by using them to fund deals for other investors.


How to get legal help and identity theft protection at an affordable monthly fee

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