Select Videos & Audios

Select video and audio recordings of meetings and other events are as follows (click links below):

June 13, 2019 Monthly Meeting – The Effective Rehabber by Wayde Sabina

July 11, 2019 Monthly Meeting – Legal Issues in Creative Real Estate Investing by Richard Bolen, Esq.

August 8, 2019 Monthly Meeting – Flipping Mortgage Notes by Donna Bauer

September 12, 2019 Monthly Meeting – Expert Panel Questions and Answers

October 10, 2019 Monthly Meeting – Structuring Deals Without Bank Funding by Ken Holmes

November 14, 2019 Monthly Meeting – Asset Protection Using Land Trusts by Randy Hughes

December 14, 2019 Workshop – House Rehab Estimate and Inspection On Site by Wayde Eddie Sabina

July 13, 2020 Monthly Meeting – Serving Multicultural Markets by Carlos Barrera and Ulises Chavez

August 10, 2020 Monthly Meeting – Interview with a Rags-To-Riches Success

September 14, 2020 Monthly Meeting – Managing Your Rehab Contractors for Maximum Profits

October 12, 2020 Monthly Meeting – Business & Tax Planning for Success

November 9, 2020 Monthly Meeting – Working with a Licensed Real Estate Broker

December 14, 2020 Monthly Meeting – Year-End Tax Planning

January 11, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Building & Managing a Rental Portfolio While Working a Regular Job

February 8, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Creating Wealth with a Financial Calculator by Bill Tan

March 8, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Success After Incarceration with Wayde Sabina, Desmond Milligan, Ricardo Giles

April 12, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Small Retirement Accounts, Huge Profits by Sean McKay of American IRA

May 10, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Self-Storage Investing with Gerald Stauffer

June 14, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Starting and Growing a Real Estate Business During a Recession

July 12, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Multifamily Investing Concepts with Dan Handford

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