January 11, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Building & Managing a Rental Portfolio While Working a Regular Job

Building & Managing a Rental Portfolio While Working a Regular Job

Speaker Contact Info:

Andy Holland
Email: BeyondInvestmentGroupLLC@gmail.com
Mobile: 803-543-6155
Contact Andy for private loans to fund your deals as well.

Brianna Davie
Email: shebuyshousesquickly@gmail.com
Mobile: 803-792-1161

Link to purchase Brianna’s course on renting houses by the room ($50.00 directly to Brianna): www.gum.co/britheinvestor


Recording Time Stamps of Meeting Sections:

– 4 minutes, 8 seconds: Pre-Meeting Session on Affordable Legal and ID Theft Protection with LegalShield Services by Sarah Mitchell, Regional Manager

– 35 minutes, 13 seconds: Midlands REIA Introduction & Announcements

– 52 minutes, 41 seconds: Building & Managing a Rental Portfolio While Working a Regular Job – Andy Holland, Brianna Davie


Andy Holland and Brianna Davie are two local investors who started accumulating rental properties while either a student in college or working full-time jobs. They’ve learned ways to minimize time spent on buying and managing rental properties while maximizing cash flow with them. They give tips and tricks in this online meeting recording and Brianna has a great course available for purchase (for only $50) that teaches how to rent individual house rooms out to really supercharge your cash flow.

Andy bought his first rental property in 2005. He was a university student at that time and utilized house hacking through the Great Recession of 2007-2009 to supplement his income. After graduation, he started a full-time job and transitioned into being a passive investor/landlord.

Brianna is from Goose Creek, South Carolina. She graduated from College of Charleston in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and played on the women’s basketball team. Brianna moved to Columbia in December of 2011 and worked for Sherwin Williams until 2016. She went full time into real estate in 2016, starting as a agent and then started focusing more on wholesaling and buying rental properties. Brianna bought her first rental property in 2013, which she considers to be the best decision of her life.


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