Info About Midlands REIA

The Midlands Real Estate Investors Association is an educational and networking organization that promotes and provides quality education in real estate investing techniques in the South Carolina Midlands.

There isn’t any reason why people can’t get into this game and start flipping properties for fun and money, even if they have no money, no credit, and no experience. All that’s needed is a strong willingness to learn and the tenacity to apply what they learn for however long it takes to succeed (you must be very stubborn to stay in this game once you get into it).

NOTE: There are other real estate investors associations in the area. We suggest that you find them, attend their meetings, and join the one(s) that best serve YOUR needs and interests.



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Which strategies do you use for the deals you find? How do you even find those deals to begin with? A good real estate investors association will have experienced people in it who are willing to share their tips and business models to help each other along.



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Remember that each person you meet can easily introduce you to at least 10 more people who you didn’t know before and who can help you with your house flips or rentals. This is the power of networking. Your “network” really does determine your “net worth”.

We will give you the tools to succeed but you are the one who has to put them to work. The education at Midlands REIA combines teachings from both local experts and national educators so you can learn best practices and get new ideas to use here in South Carolina as well as nationwide.

Contact us with your questions and comments! We want to hear from you! Don’t forget to log into the Members Area regularly to check for the most up-to-date investing resources!


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