March 8, 2021 Monthly Meeting – Success After Incarceration with Wayde Sabina, Desmond Milligan, Ricardo Giles

Success After Incarceration

Speaker Contact Info:

Wayde “Eddie” Sabina
Mobile: 803-201-9350

Desmond “Tim Billions” Milligan
Ricardo Giles
Mobile: 843-244-0299
Contact Desmond and Ricardo about their coaching/mentoring for real estate investing (they can provide proof of their experience)

Recording Time Stamps of Meeting Sections:

– 8 minutes, 48 seconds: Pre-Meeting Session on Affordable Legal and ID Theft Protection with LegalShield Services by Sarah Mitchell, Regional Director

– 35 minutes, 56 seconds: Midlands REIA Introduction & Announcements

– 51 minutes, 34 seconds: Fraudulent Guru Case Study: How Fake Gurus Sell Courses and Coaching

– 56 minutes, 14 seconds: Success After Incarceration with Wayde Sabina, Desmond Milligan, Ricardo Giles


This meeting features an interview with two ex-convicts who are now successfully investing in real estate and one “child of the streets” who started with nothing and now owns a chain of mobile phone stores.

Wayde “Eddie” Sabina and Desmond “Tim Billions” Milligan served almost a decade each in prison, one for drug possession and the other for drug dealing, respectively, while Ricardo Giles grew up in poverty and dealt drugs but is now a successful businessman who owns 10 mobile phone stores (as of the date of this interview). Eddie is a successful contractor and home inspector. Desmond wholesales and rehabs houses with Ricardo and they now teach what they do to find deals and flip them for big profits.

How the heck do you go from prison and poverty to success in life and business?? Listen to this interview to learn how! Success leaves clues!


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