November 14, 2019 Monthly Meeting – Asset Protection Using Land Trusts by Randy Hughes

Asset Protection Using Land Trusts by Randy Hughes

NOTE: Randy (our speaker) left one course behind with us. We were told that we can put it out for purchase with all bonuses at the discounted prices that Randy mentioned during his talk. We only have one course so you should consider getting it if you’re either flipping properties or, especially, if you’re holding long-term rentals or plan to do so, to protect yourself and your properties from lawsuits and other legal actions. If interested, please contact Bob Kim by phone/text: 803-292-2227     or     email:

Recording Time Stamps of Meeting Sections:
– 0 minutes: 0 seconds: Deal Presentations, Success Stories, Case Studies
– 28 minutes, 24 seconds: Midlands REIA Introduction & Announcements
– 46 minutes, 47 seconds: Introduction and Presentation on Asset Protection Using Land Trusts by Randy Hughes


Benefits of Randy’s Basic system include:

– It’s a simple proven system
– You can save money on asset protection by forming your own land trusts (just fill in the blanks, all necessary forms and documents are included in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats)
– It provides strong privacy from others trying to find what you own
– Teaches you everything you need to know on how to maximize land trust uses
– Gives real-life case studies on how to make more money with land trusts
– You get direct contact with Randy to answer your questions
– You get Randy’s recorded live seminar on land trusts and privacy
– Includes 6 months of free membership in Land Trust University (for in-depth instruction on how the wealthy use land trusts and other privacy instruments)
– Significant discount ($300 off) if you purchase both Randy’s Basic and Advanced systems
– Significant discount ($553 off) if you purchase Randy’s Simple-Elite package which includes all of Randy’s courses:
          – Land Trusts Made Simple – Basic and Advanced courses
          – Huge Profits/Low Risks with Options
          – Privacy and Asset Protection course
          – Audios, Videos, Forms, and 6 months free membership in Land Trust University


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